Kakaotalk is not working?

Kakaotalk is not working since the afternoon of Oct 15, 2022.
It feels like we are living in an analog age again.

kakaotalk is not working.
It says you cannot log in to kakaotalk at the moment.


Let’s see why it happened.

Kakaotalk is not working.


Kakao’s data center is on fire at the moment.
It causes turmoil because some services served by kakao(kakaotalk, kakao taxi, tistory, kakaomap, etc…) are not working.
According to the latest news, they are unsure when it will be okay.
I hope Kakao manages to save our precious data, or there is another database to keep our backup data at least.
I will bring good news about this happening as soon as possible. Sincerely.

Kakao’s customer service URL